Red Shouldered Hawk Nest Destroyed

A Red Shouldered Hawk nest was completely blown out of a palm tree in a spring wind storm. One chick was found in ivy below a nearby Tulip Tree by a homeowner and her dog. Wildlife rescue was called in and the chick was picked up and taken to WildCare for a checkup.

At WildCare’s hospital it was determined that the chick had a blood parasite, something that is somewhat common for Red Shouldered Hawks, so it was rehabbed for a week. While in the hospital, a field reconnaissance team confirmed the presence of adult Red Shouldered Hawks in the neighborhood. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately), no siblings were found.

Volunteer tree climber, Jim Cairnes of Small World Tree, was called in and climbed the Tulip Tree, near the original Palm Tree, where he attached a wicker basket to be used as a substitute nest. Once deemed healthy enough to return to its family, the young Red Shouldered Hawk chick was placed in the wicker basket nest. There it was active and eventually vocalized for food. Adults were observed feeding the chick the following day. Nest monitors will continue to keep an eye on this nest to ensure a successful reunite.