Installing Barn Owl Boxes

Interested in installing a Barn Owl box? If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area fill out our owl box request form to have your Barn Owl box installed.

Having Barn Owls in your neighborhood is a fun and rewarding experience. Use our Barn Owl Box Manual (PDF) to maximize the odds of Barn Owls finding your nesting box and making it their home.


Pole vs. Tree Installation

In the past Hungry Owl Project recommended installing Barn Owl boxes in trees and on wood posts. We recently updated our recommendations after new research was published on how often Barn Owl boxes on trees and wood posts are occupied by other unintended species. We now recommend that Barn Owl boxes only be installed on metal poles. The installation process is described in our Barn Owl Box Manual.

Barn Owl Box Manual

If you want to install your Barn Owl box yourself and/or you’re outside the San Francisco Bay Area, please download our Barn Owl Box Manual (PDF).

If you need more information on installing nesting boxes, our other installation resources are listed below, including our old Barn Owl Box Install packet. Please note that the information regarding tree and wooden post installation below in the Barn Owl Install Packet is outdated.