Barn Owl Boxes

We have Barn Owl boxes for sale, fully assembled and painted for local installation or as a flat pack kit available for shipping.


About Our Barn Owl Boxes

There are many owl nest boxes available for purchase but some are significantly better than others, and some are actually unsafe. Our box is the product of years of experience in building owl boxes and working in owl rescue.

The entrance hole size is perfect for Barn Owls, but too small for larger predators. The box has a convenient large easy access clean-out flap, and is treated with a non-toxic, water-based stain or paint that can extend the life of the box up to 10 years. Our boxes have ample ventilation and a sun roof to keep temperatures safe. There are no perches on our boxes, as perches can provide easier access for predators and pests, and are not needed by the Barn Owls. And, of course, by purchasing a box from the Hungry Owl Box Project you are supporting our non-profit, educational, and conservation work.

The decision to put up an owl box should not be made lightly, and should be based on an evaluation of whether you actually have good habitat and ample for any of the cavity nesting owl species.

Barn Owl Box Installation

Generally, the Barn Owl's habitat consists of open spaces, such as fields, meadows and marshes. However, they can be found in urban areas as well, especially when open spaces are within a few miles. Densely wooded areas and dense urban areas are usually unsuitable.

A good site and installation will not only help your chances of attracting owls to your box, but will also help ensure that it will be as successful as possible for both you and the owls for years to come. Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee that boxes will be occupied, but a good installation will give you the best chance possible. Please read the following topics to help you determine if boxes are appropriate and to help find the safest places to install them.

Barn Owl Box Cleaning

The Hungry Owl Project provides cleaning services for the upper half of the Bay Area as well as the Sonoma and Napa Wine Country area. Barn Owl box cleaning season is from October through November ( this is the time that the owls are least likely to be around). If you'd like us to clean your boxes, contact us and we'll add you to the cleaning list for the year. If you'd like to clean your own boxes, just scroll down for our helpful instructions.

Please note: For the safety of our crew, we generally cannot clean boxes installed at a height higher than 12' or boxes that are on a slope. Please contact us to determine if your boxes can be cleaned. For boxes that are too high or have too many access restrictions (such as very steep slopes) we may be able to refer you to 3rd party box cleaners that can hopefully assist you.