Great Horned Owlet Found on Patio

A young Great Horned Owl was found by homeowners on their patio. The young owl may have lost footing and been blown out of a tree behind the home during a spring windstorm. A sibling was observed in the tall tree behind the home. After the owl was determined to be healthy enough for a reunite it was returned to the tree with its sibling.

It is not uncommon for Great Horned Owls to spend a portion of their youth outside of the nest, on branches (we call them "branchers") or even on the ground. There the parents will continue to feed them until they fledge and can hunt on their own. That said, when close to people and their pets, its much safer for young Great Horned Owls to remain in trees until they are able to fly. See below for a video of the return to the tree.

Nest monitors will continue to keep an eye on the young Great Horned Owl to ensure a successful reunite.