Owl Box Monitoring Season 2019

Thanks to everyone who was interested in having their owl boxes monitored this year. We got some great footage of baby owls inside nesting boxes, and we wanted to make sure to share the great shots with you, our wonderful supporters. You can check out a clip of one of the nesting boxes here.

At this time owl box monitoring season is closed. We cut off monitoring in early June so as not to cause fledglings to try to fledge too early. We do everything we can to ensure the safety of the owls, and helping them stay in the box until they are fully ready to fly is very important.

Did you know that we are supported almost entirely by owl box maintenance fees and individual donations? Without your support we couldn’t do the work we are doing to protect owls and their habitat.

Please consider making a monthly donation today. Even $5 or $10 helps us continue to do the important work we are doing now.