Three Week Old Great Horned Owl's Dangerous Adventure

A 3 week old Great Horned Owl nestling was found in Bel Marin Keys on the ground. It had fallen from a nest that was 25 feet up in a Palm Tree. The location where the owl was found was very close to water -  which can be very dangerous for young owls (once young owls fall in water, it's very difficult for them to get out). The original nest was unstable so HOP's Raptor Rescue & Reunite Team installed a basket (a laundry basket) as a substitute nest in a nearby tree. The new nest was close enough to the original nest that the parents would be able to care for young owlet as well. Once it reaches fledging age, it can join its siblings to complete their venture to become self-sufficient, fully fledged owls.

After a checkup at WildCare, where he received a bill of clean health, the young Great Horned Owlet was placed in the basket. Both the returned owlet and its original nest are being monitored ensure success.