Site Consultations for Nesting Boxes

Have Hungry Owl Project experts come to your property to help determine the safest and most effective installation sites for owl boxes. 

To schedule a site consultation in the Bay Area directly with our main office, call 415.453.4000 extension 20 during weekday business hours or fill out our nesting box request form.

There are many influential factors when it comes to selecting a good spot for an owl box. Our site consultants will come to your property and help you determine what type boxes are appropriate, how many boxes are recommended, and help you find sites that will be both safe for the owls and help establish the greatest possible rodent control coverage. They can also answer your owl and nesting box related questions and help you with installation and maintenance options. Whether your location is a small residence, a large vineyard, HOA or anything in between, Hungry Owl Project Site Consultations will help give your nesting boxes the greatest chance for success.

To expedite the process of getting nesting boxes, you can complete our nesting box request form for either residential or agricultural use prior to scheduling your consultation. Please review our price list for site consultation fees, owl box prices, and other services we provide.