Owl Box Request Form

This survey will help us determine the proper nesting box for your location. After you fill out the survey, we will contact you with recommendations about what type of box is appropriate for your location.

Please put your apartment number, unit number, or other designation here.
We aren't able to ship outside of the United States.
Please check off all the habitats that exist within 1/2 mile of where the box will be placed.
What methods of rodent control are you currently using? Select all that apply.
(Nesting boxes must be cleaned yearly.)
(If you can't clean the box every year, you will need to hire us or another qualified cleaner.)
By submitting this form you agree to receive email from Hungry Owl Project and WildCare.
Please add info@hungryowls.org to your address book and 415 453 1000 to your caller ID. We will call and email you within one to two business days to discuss next steps.